What Types of Vehicle Collisions Are Most Dangerous?

Car accidents are one of the top causes of death in the United States, with an estimated 42,915 deaths in 2021, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. While all crashes have the potential to be deadly, some types of vehicle collisions are more dangerous than others. Understanding the most dangerous types of accidents can help you incorporate defensive driving techniques to better protect yourself and your passengers.  Some of the most dangerous types … Continue reading “What Types of Vehicle Collisions Are Most Dangerous?”

Causes and Impacts of Nerve Damage

If you think of the types of injuries that can occur after an accident, you likely think of more visible injuries first. In addition to broken bones, bruises, and other injuries you can clearly see, there are many injuries that are not visible or may take time to appear, but which can be just as or even more serious. One example is nerve damage. The human body has over seven trillion nerves and nerve injuries … Continue reading “Causes and Impacts of Nerve Damage”

Liability in Car Accidents Due to Medical Issues

Determining liability in many car accident cases is complicated in many situations. Accidents where a driver suffered a medical emergency just before the collision are often particularly complex. Statistics report that nearly 20% of all motor vehicle crashes occur due to one of the drivers suffering a medical event while behind the wheel. Hiring an experienced car accident lawyer can provide you with the necessary guidance in these cases. Common Medical Emergencies Many medical conditions … Continue reading “Liability in Car Accidents Due to Medical Issues”

Settlement vs Trial for Personal Injury Cases

If you’ve been injured due to someone else’s negligence, seeking the compensation you deserve can help you recover financially. It’s important to work with an experienced attorney to ensure you get everything you are owed. Your lawyer should be willing to fight for you and work hard to achieve the best possible outcome. In some cases, it may be possible to achieve this outcome without going to trial through a settlement. In other circumstances, going … Continue reading “Settlement vs Trial for Personal Injury Cases”

Dog Bite Prevention

Each year, there are more than 4.5 million dog bites reported in the United States, 800,000 of which require medical attention, according to the Centers For Disease Control (CDC). Alarmingly, children are the most common victims, accounting for 77% of these attacks. Whether or not you are a dog owner, learning the steps you can take toward dog bite prevention is crucial to keeping you and your children safe. Arizona Dog Bite Law Arizona is … Continue reading “Dog Bite Prevention”

Vehicle Defects That Can Lead to Car Accidents

In some cases, a car accident does not occur solely as a result of driver negligence. Vehicle defects can be a contributing factor. It’s important to be aware of any defects that need to be addressed in your vehicle to prevent an accident. Some of these defects do not cause accidents on their own but can worsen injuries if a collision does occur. Here are some vehicle defects that can lead to car accidents or … Continue reading “Vehicle Defects That Can Lead to Car Accidents”

Determining Liability in Accidents Due to Weather

If you’ve ever driven when it’s pouring rain, foggy, or the road is covered in ice and snow, you know that certain weather conditions make driving more difficult. Of the six million motor vehicle accidents that occur in the United States every year, 22% are weather-related, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation. When the weather is a contributing factor, determining liability in car accidents can be complicated and there are a lot of factors … Continue reading “Determining Liability in Accidents Due to Weather”

What is the Personal Injury Claim Process?

An injury is never a pleasant experience. When someone else’s negligence was the cause of this injury, you’ll need to manage more than just your physical recovery. It’s important to get the compensation you deserve for your expenses, as well as pain and suffering. The personal injury claim process helps you do this. This article gives a general overview of these steps, but keep in mind that every case is different. Your attorney will walk … Continue reading “What is the Personal Injury Claim Process?”

Most Common Pregnancy Injuries

Going through labor is difficult and sometimes results in injury. Seven out of 1,000 pregnant women in the United States experience complications with pregnancy and childbirth, according to Blue Cross Blue Shield. While these complications can occur naturally, medical malpractice or negligence can be a contributing factor in certain situations. This occurs when medical professionals fail to adhere to the standards of medical care. Possible Causes of Birth Injuries and Defects Medical malpractice or negligence … Continue reading “Most Common Pregnancy Injuries”

Debunking Common Legal Myths

If you or a loved one have been involved in an accident, hiring a lawyer can be the next step for you to take. However, there are a lot of stigmas that surround enlisting legal help. Before making any decision regarding your personal injury case, it is critical that you understand the truth behind the most common legal myths.  These are six of these myths and their realities: Myth #1: “I can handle my case … Continue reading “Debunking Common Legal Myths”

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