Criminal Defense Cases Are Common 

Criminal defense isn’t on most people’s minds until the day they’re in a bind. Tucson is a vibrant and beautiful city with much of its residents being between the ages of 45-65. With the city housing an older crowd, the area still has a bustling and youthful scene. The allure of this dynamic city brings in people from all over the globe. Like all other popular cities, crime comes with the territory. Universities, major events, consistent growth, and exciting new companies, make Tucson a hotbed for youth, tourism, and of course, crime. 

What kinds of criminal activity typically occur in Tucson, Arizona?


Like any city, Tucson has its share of residents who drive under the influence (DUI). DUI offenses are one of the most common offenses all over the U.S. Unfortunately, aside from the obvious, “never drink and drive,” many are still unaware of Arizona DUI laws. Did you know that if you aren’t even driving a vehicle, you can still be penalized for a DUI offense? There are numerous DUI offenses the state can penalize drivers for, and finding DUI lawyers can prove to be challenging. Clients must recognize and choose the most suitable DUI lawyer for their case. Lawyers must have a solid reputation, high credibility, and possess an abundance of experience. They must also represent their clients with professionalism and have availability. DUI Defense knows their way around DUI cases and what needs to happen to help clients in a bind. Our criminal defense team gives everyone a voice.

Property Crime:

All cities can be perfect places for property crime. Although theft is one of the most common property crimes, it ranges to more than just shoplifting. Shoplifting less than $1,000 worth of products is considered a class 1 misdemeanor, according to Arizona DUI laws. Property crime can be anything from unlawfully taking from private or nonresidential establishments, switching price tags, and even switching product containers/add-ons. Intentional damage to public/personal property will land you in a range from class 2 misdemeanors up to class 4 felonies. Stow personal items out of sight in a parked car and take precautionary measures for your business to help decrease your risk of property crime. DUI Defense Team never tolerates injustice of any sort and never stops until you receive the representation you deserve. 

Drug Offenses:

Arizona law is explicitly clear when it describes the class 4 felony of conscious possession and use of illegal/dangerous drugs. This felony extends into details such as possession of equipment and supplies for drugs, manufacturing illegal substances, or even transport of illegal drugs. Punishment for drug offenses may vary by person depending on if it’s their first offense or not. If proven to have successfully participated and completed a court ordered rehabilitation program, first-time offenders may get their charges dropped. Those who have made habits or careers of selling drugs/drug-related supplies could potentially end up spending life in prison. Well versed in Arizona drug laws, the DUI Defense Team proves to be a valuable asset to those dealing with drug offenses. Designed to take on a well-rounded set of cases, our criminal defense team are experienced DUI lawyers who are ready for anything.

What makes Tucson Unique?

Tucson is a city unlike any other, sitting right in a valley of the desert. The scenery is some of the best in the world, and the culture infused in it has become part of its identity. DUI Criminal Defense Team wants to ensure Tucson is in good hands for anyone who falls victim to criminal activity. Our mission is to help those in need of legal help with cases pertaining to DUI’s, property damage, and drug offenses to name a few. If you are anyone you know is dealing with a similar situation, you can count on us for criminal defense. We are here to help!

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