When someone has been injured due to the negligence of another party, they may be entitled to compensation through a personal injury claim. Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions about personal injury law that can make it difficult for victims to get the justice they deserve. Understanding the truth about personal injury law is essential for those who have been injured and want to pursue legal action.  

1. Cases Are Quick

One of the most common misconceptions about personal injury law is that it is quick and easy to win a case. While it is true that a well-crafted case can be successful with time and effort, many cases are complex and can take months or even years to resolve. It’s important to go into your case with reasonable expectations, and your lawyer should also work with you to make sure you understand what the next steps are.

2. Any Injury Can Be A Personal Injury Case

Another misconception is that all injuries are eligible for compensation. In reality, only certain types of injuries are legally considered to be “personal injuries” and these must have been caused by someone’s negligence. Victims should be aware of what types of injuries are covered under personal injury law in order to determine if they are eligible to pursue a claim. 

3. All Injury Claims Go To Trial

It is also untrue that all personal injury claims go to trial. In most cases, the parties involved will be able to resolve the claim through negotiation or mediation. This process can help both parties reach a settlement agreement without having to go through the lengthy and expensive process of a trial. This doesn’t mean that trials are not sometimes necessary, but they are less common than you may think.

4. Representing Yourself Is A Good Idea

Additionally, some people believe that they can represent themselves in a personal injury case. While it is true that victims can represent themselves, doing so is risky as they may not be familiar with the legal system or the complexities of personal injury law. It is important to seek out the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer who can ensure that your rights are protected and that you are fully compensated for your injuries.  

5. Only Physical Injuries Can Be Compensated

Finally, some people think that personal injury claims are only for physical injuries. While physical injuries are the most common type of personal injury claims, these types of cases can also involve emotional distress and other types of harm. A qualified personal injury lawyer can help victims determine what types of damages they are eligible to receive.  

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Personal injury law is complex and it is important for victims to understand the facts in order to make sure they get the justice they deserve. An experienced personal injury lawyer can help to clear up any misconceptions and ensure that victims understand the legal process and the types of damages they may be eligible to receive. With the right legal help, victims can get the compensation they need to move forward with their lives. At Grabb & Durando, we’ve been helping Tucsonans for over 29 years.

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