Breathalyzers are devices which measure a person’s BAC (blood alcohol content) when they breathe into the device. Tests from these devices are key evidence in many DUI cases. In recent years, more technologies exist for breathalyzers than ever before. These devices continue to evolve. Here are just a few new ways police use this technology.

New Technologies for Breathalyzers

If the courts convicted you or someone you know with a DUI, you may know about the required Ignition Interlock Devices. If not, it one of the types of breathalyzers which require the driver to blow into the device to determine whether their car will start based on their blood alcohol level. While this system works well, there are always ways to improve it due to advances in technology.

According to researchers, new technology for breathalyzers could save the lives of thousands by monitoring unaware drivers. The technology does this by measuring the breath of the driver using sensors positioned discreetly in the steering wheel. Another method would screen the driver when they touch the start button or another designated surface inside the car. Alcohol levels can be measured under the skin when it is placed on a surface with an infrared light scanner.

Potential Future of Breathalyzer Advancements

These technologies will seriously advance road safety and help prevent drunk drivers from starting their vehicles. It is unlikely that these features will be mandatory initially, they will be more of an add-on feature when buying a car, such as a parking detector. However, as these technologies for breathalyzers prove to be effective, the government may not hesitate in making it a mandatory feature for all new cars. With a future ahead of self-driving cars, we may eventually see the decline of DUI’s and accident-related deaths.

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