A burn injury is one of the most grueling, painful experiences a person can ever go through. Aside from extensive physical damage, surgeries and medical care can take weeks or years. Burn victims will also face long-term emotional and psychological challenges. Worsening an already horrible situation, the cost of treatments for burn injuries can financially deplete a person’s life savings.

How A Burn Injury Affects the Victim

Once a person has recovered from the ordeals of surgeries and open wounds, they may finally be ready to return to their home. In the cases of severe burns however, scarring can require special in-home medical care, further prolonging treatment. Once scar tissue is at its final stage of becoming thicker and stronger, it can start to cause problems. This may lead to an having difficulties when engaging in normal everyday tasks.

The scar tissue will cause an individual to have the following problems:

  • Inability to sweat / Increased risk of infection – Sweat glands are partially or fully destroyed with 3/4th degree burns. This will cause issues such as needing to avoid hot or humid climates to prevent heat stroke. The ability of the skin to protect against common bacteria and infection decreases drastically. In some cases, this becomes a lifelong challenge.
  • Sensation / Color Changes – Skin takes weeks to years to heal based on the degree of the burn, sometimes requiring years of attention. Surgeries and skin grafts can repair deeper burns yet the sensation of superficial touch may decrease.
  • Psychological Effects – Dealing with a burn injury can traumatize an individual and their family. From the moment a victim is hospitalized to the time when he/she begins recovery, the dramatic change of disfigurement and inability to conduct daily tasks can be life-changing. In cases of burns around the neck or face, the psychological impact can be even greater and will always require a physical therapist’s long term care as well as the help of mental health professionals. Anxiety and depression are common and in the worst cases it involves flashbacks or nightmares which can lead to decreased involvement in social activities.

Our Lawyers Can Help After a Burn Injury

In a few moments, your life can change and have a lifelong impact on you and your loved ones. Burn accidents and injuries can occur at any time.

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