A Drug Offense Charge 

When someone is charged with a drug offense, the road ahead may seem confusing and full of unknowns. The personal consequences are daunting, while the financial strain is felt throughout the community. The future will become cloudy and unknown for those charged. It all can seem quite frightening, especially when you don’t know how to plan for what comes next, but there are ways to move forward. Taking the right first few steps after a drug offense is crucial in determining what will follow.

Here are three steps to take after a drug offense:


  • Stay calm

When someone is charged with an offense of any kind, emotions can quickly get out of control. Those accused of an offense like drug possession will surely be feeling a variety of emotions during the initial arrest and everything that follows. However, it is vital that the accused does not allow these emotions to get the best of them. Getting into a verbal or physical fight with the arresting officer, damaging property, and even incriminating speech could result from such an outburst. When dealing with a drug offense charge, never let emotions control you. Keep calm and collected, and know that doing so will help in the long term.

  • Don’t incriminate yourself

While it is difficult to fight a drug charge, it is not impossible, and if one finds the right attorney with experience in combating such offenses, it may even be a quick process. That all can go out the window if someone charged with a drug offense incriminates themselves before a lawyer is present. The arresting officers will likely ask you for some necessary information, such as your name, age, and other identifying factors. Be direct and confident, but anything beyond primary identification does not need to be answered. If you want to exercise your right to remain silent, make it clear and state that you will remain silent until a lawyer is present.

  • Call an experienced criminal defense lawyer

As stated before, drug possession cases are not easy to win. Arguing an accusation of possessing an illegal substance is a complex issue. Professional, experienced lawyers with backgrounds in such cases have been able to get charges dropped numerous times. A great lawyer is what separates a convicted felon serving jail time from a regular person free of any crimes. If the accused knows a lawyer who specializes in drug-related offenses, they should be the first person they call when allowed a phone call. It is worth it to do your due diligence.

Drug Offense Lawyers

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