How Social Media Can Impact Your

Injury Lawsuit

If you were injured due to someone else’s negligence, you may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit to obtain compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Many different factors can influence your case. One example is social media. The insurance company can use what you post online against you. This could potentially reduce the amount of money you can receive.

Here are some ways that social media can impact your injury lawsuit:

Posts May Contradict Your Testimony

During your case, your personal injury attorney will need to prove the extent of the damages you suffered as a result of the accident. In order to do this, it is necessary to accurately depict how your injury has impacted your life. This may involve pain you have experienced, reduced ability to work or time off for recovery, the cost of medical treatment, et cetera. The defendant’s insurance company and their attorney may use your social media posts against you if they appear to contradict any part of your testimony.

Many people feel that using social media will be okay since their claims are legitimate and they don’t post directly about their injury or lawsuit. However, the insurance company may try to undermine your claim by any means necessary. This often happens in ways that you would not expect. For example, you might post a photo at a bar having a good time with friends. A night out doesn’t mean that you are not in pain or that you are exaggerating the impacts of your injury. However, the insurance company could make it seem like you are not truly suffering.


In addition to limiting the content and photos you post, you should also be wary of checking in to locations on social media platforms. This may seem harmless, but like actual posts, this may paint a different picture of your injury than your testimony. One example is if you check in at your gym. It could be the case that you talked with your trainer and found exercises that are still possible after your injury. However, it may not appear this way at first. The defendant’s lawyers could try to use this against you.

Posts Made by Friends and Family

Another important factor is that your posts aren’t the only thing on social media that can impact your injury lawsuit. Posts that your friends and family make can also have a negative effect on your case. They might tag you in a photo or post a comment about your injury. Like your own posts, the insurance company can use other people’s social media as evidence against you. As a result, you should talk to your friends and family and let them know not to post about you or your case.

How to Handle Social Media During an Injury Lawsuit

In general, the best option is to avoid social media entirely if you are currently involved in a personal injury lawsuit. Although it can be tough not to post if you typically use these platforms to connect with friends and family, this is the safest option.

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