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When and Where are Car Accidents Most Likely to Happen?
According to ADOT, last year in Arizona, there were over 127,000 car accidents resulting in almost 40,000 injuries and fatalities. While it is always important to drive safely, there are certain times when collisions are more likely to happen. There have been many studies done to determine the correlation between when, where, and why accidents occur. Here are some examples of times and places where you may be more likely to find yourself in a collision.
  1. Close to home - It is found that a large proportion of car accidents happen within 25 miles of your home. The explanation for this is simple: a majority of most people's driving time is within 25 miles of the home. Furthermore, drivers feel more comfortable in their neighborhood due to the repetition they encounter. This may lead to an accident if close attention is not being paid.
  2. Rush hour - This may be an obvious point, but when the roads are busy, there is undoubtedly more accidents occurring. These hours are usually between 3pm-6pm, it is found that around 25% of collisions happen in this time.
  3. Holidays - There are many more drivers on the road during the holidays as friends and family come together to celebrate. Many fatal accidents include drunk drivers due to the increased likelihood that a person may be intoxicated during the holiday season. In Arizona in 2017, there were 57 fatal accidents that took place on holidays, as opposed to 47 in 2013.
  4. Weather conditions - According to the ADOT, most accidents occur when the weather is dry and clear, which is most days here in Arizona so that would make sense. However, as the temperature rises, more accidents happen.
  5. Day of the Week/Month of the Year - Friday has the highest rates of accidents which happen, potentially because people are rushing to get home for the weekend. The peak month for accidents happens to be the month of March, which might come as a surprise.
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