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Tips for Driving in Tucson
School is back in session and many new residents are moving to Tucson and the surrounding areas, a lot of them from out of state. It is important to learn some specific driving rules in Arizona to prevent car collisions, accidents, and inadvertent law breaking.
  1. There is no amount of alcohol that is exempt from a possible driving under the influence (DUI) charge, you can be charged at any level of alcohol if the officer believes you are impaired.
  2. You can be charged if you have a license plate-holder that covers up the name of the state on the plate.
  3. Roundabouts are becoming more popular in Arizona, make sure you know the rules to use one correctly.
  4. Don't drive recklessly during a monsoon. Arizona's Stupid Motorist Law means you could be responsible for the cost of your rescue if you've ignored signs and posted warnings during a rainstorm.
  5. Tucson has a no-texting-while-driving law, while Arizona has a distracted driving law.
  6. There is no "grace period" for obtaining an Arizona driver's license and registering your vehicle(s) in the state.
  7. Arizona does not have a law requiring motorcyclists to wear helmets.
  8. Arizona doesn't have highway tolls.
  9. The standard speed limit on main interstates in Arizona is usually either 55mph or 65mph as the roads pass through major cities and 75mph between major cities.
  10. You can be charged if you go even one mile per hour over the limit in a school zone.
Whether you are new to the area or have lived here for a while, it's always good to brush up on the rules of the road to prevent any unwanted charges. If you have just moved to Tucson to start school, then welcome! Get your sunscreen and hat ready, and hold tight, the summer will (hopefully) be over soon.
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