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Google and Fitbit Data Could Change Personal Injury Cases Forever
In the past, personal injury attorneys have relied on doctor's testimonies to prove that the injured party cannot work and/or cannot perform the daily activities that they once could. However, the recent deal between Google and Fitbit could provide defense attorneys with access to information about a patient's movement and sleep patterns that could show that the injury claims are overstated.
Google and Fitbit have teamed up so that Fitbit's wearable technology and Google's Cloud Health Database can connect and sync to one another. Fitbit can track GPS, distance, speed, heart rate, and more. Google's Cloud Health Database accesses your medical records with ease and efficiency.
The deal between Google and Fitbit has the potential to alter how plaintiff and defense attorneys evaluate and litigate personal injury cases. While no one expects Google to hand over this information to just anyone, the right judge in the right case could find that a request for a patient's Fitbit information is "reasonably calculated to lead to the discovery of admissible evidence". The judge would then potentially order that the information be produced and submitted into evidence. The information that is needed is being stored somewhere, obtaining access is only a subpoena or court order away.
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