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Motorcycle Safety
Ask any cyclist and they'll tell you that riding a motorcycle is a freeing, exciting experience. Whether you're simply riding around your neighborhood or taking a road trip to Sturgis with friends, it is extremely important to ensure your motorcycle and riding practices are as safe as they can be. According to Injury Facts published by the National Safety Council there were 4,976 crash deaths of motorcycle riders or passengers and 88,000 additional nonfatal injuries in 2016 alone. Those numbers are staggering and frightening, and remind motorcyclists across the nation that, while riding can be a wonderful experience, it needs to be done with caution and mindfulness. Here are some tips for motorcyclists getting ready to enjoy the upcoming fall weather on their bikes:
  • 1. Obey speed limits and be aware of road conditions
    According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, 48 percent of motorcycle fatalities in 2010 involved excessive speed. Breaking the speed limit by a few more miles per hour is common practice, especially on highways and outside of cities, and motorcyclists especially fall victim to this as it is much easier to speed on a motorcycle than in a typical vehicle. Keeping speed limits in mind and being conscious of signs for changing limits is a simple yet crucial part of safe motorcycling.
  • 2. Invest in a quality, DOT certified helmet
    Helmets are not required by law in Arizona, but the data is clear: helmet usage immensely reduces brain injuries and fatalities in motorcyclists and their passengers. Investing in a helmet may cause a bit of hat hair after riding for some time, but wouldn't you rather bring a comb to your destination than never arrive there at all because of a fatal motorcycle crash? Be sure to find a DOT certified helmet and replace it every five years or after any sort of crash or impact to ensure it can still protect you as it should.
  • 3. Attend a motorcycle safety class
    While researching into motorcycle safety online and getting advice from fellow riders are helpful when trying to increase your road safety, nothing can substitute a motorcycle safety course taught by a licensed professional. In Tucson alone there are countless options when it comes to location and price. Pima Community College, Ride Arizona MTC, TEAM Arizona Motorcycle Training School, and AZDOT are just a few of the places around town that offer various motorcycle training and safety courses. Even if you've been riding for years, it never hurts to refresh your knowledge.
There are always risks when it comes to driving any sort of motor vehicle, motorcycles especially so, but if you stay alert, take the right precautions, and educate yourself, you can reduce that risk immensely. Accidents can happen to anyone though, so If you do ever find yourself in a motorcycle accident, don't take on the insurance company alone. Call Grabb and Durando Injury Attorneys at 520 222.2222 and let them fight for you.