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Slip and Fall accidents

Slip and falls are one of the leading causes of injury, especially for children and the elderly. When these accidents occur, people can suffer through a lifetime of complications. Brain damage, spinal cord injuries, or even physical trauma as common as broken bones that don't heal properly are just a few examples of unfortunate consequences caused by poorly maintained stairwells, icy driveways, or even a simple spill. Most slip and fall accidents could have easily been avoided with proper precautions. They can happen without warning. With the abundance of hazards that can lead to such an incident, from slippery bathroom floors or cracks in the sidewalk, they are often unexpected with the many distractions that clutter our minds daily. Accidents happen in the blink of an eye, but how you deal with it can determine your quality of life for decades to come.
Commercial Property
Accidents on commercial properties are common, but one must question a few details when it occurs. Did the owner of the company or business cause the slippery or dangerous surface? Did the owner know about said danger and do something about it? Did anyone let the owner know about the hazard? Commercial property-liability cases are often decided by simple common sense. Laws determine if the owner of the property took carefully thought to apply safety measures properly to keep the public safe. If an injury occurred in a recently mopped restroom and attendants failed to put a visible “caution” sign, this is an example of a liability case. A simple slip and fall could potentially cause suffering from an injury that's not easily detectable, like a concussion. Even the smallest of injuries can lead to long-term complications. Medical attention is advised in all slip and fall cases.
Residential Property
Landlords for residential rental properties can be held liable for slip and fall injuries if tenants or third parties can show that:
1. The landlord had full control over the condition of the property that caused the accident
2. Repairs for hazardous conditions would not have been difficult or costly, and
3. An injury was an obvious consequence of negligence by the landlord.

Poorly designed and loose handrails, a cracked driveway, or even tripping on someone's slippery carpet or freshly waxed floors could be grounds for residential property liability for a slip and fall case. On a rental property, you have more freedom and flexibility to gather evidence of property negligence by taking pictures after an accident. Now, when visiting someone's home, it would then turn into a judgment call as it could be rude to gather evidence and start taking pictures as a guest. Whatever the case may be if you are injured Grabb and Durando make people accountable and give you a chance to speak up for yourself.
Government Property
Filing a case against a government entity could prove to be tedious and challenging. There are procedural details that are not required for typical slip and fall cases. Sometimes even the intention to pursue a claim and filing your notice could cause you to work with a tiny window of time, making it difficult to pursue damages if action is not taken. Some government agencies will claim immunity, and if you are not extensively familiar with legal processes, they can be difficult to combat. Immunity is not made equal, and rules for each government agency and experiences with each will differ from other government entities. Grabb and Durando wants to give everyone a fighting chance. No case is too big for those who deserve justice.
At Grabb & Durando, we aim to get you the compensation you deserve. The quicker you act, the faster we can help. We understand the damage and stress of injury. We can help ease your pain and give you peace of mind knowing that we'll handle the case, while you focus on a full recovery. Hazardous accidents are due to another's negligence, not your clumsiness. These easily preventable injuries are not your fault, and we never rest until justice is yours. Call us today for personal injuries specific to slip and fall injuries.