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3 Tips to Avoid a Motorcycle Accident

When riding a motorcycle, it is extremely important to be even more aware of your safety than usual. On a motorcycle, you are 27 times more likely to get in a collision than in a car. When a motorcycle accident occurs, it can be terrifying as they often result in very serious to fatal injuries. Don't let yourself get into an accident over something that could have been avoided. If you are aware of the common dangers and when to be more careful, you can increase your chances of being safe.

Here are 3 tips you should know to help avoid getting into a motorcycle accident:

1: Be Aware of Road Hazards
When there is a road hazard such as a construction zone, an animal, or damaged pavement - your chance of a potential accident increase. Your riding is suddenly impaired as you may have to slow down or maneuver around things very quickly. If there are poorly maintained roads, it is a greater hazard for a motorcycle than it is for a car. Additionally, when riding, it is important to always be aware of street signs as they warn you of possible hazards ahead of you. Construction zones can be unpredictable and will require you to slow down, be cautious. Crashes are more likely to occur when a rider has to switch lanes or slow down abruptly with little to no notice. Drive the speed limit, limit distractions, and keep your eyes peeled for upcoming road hazards.
2: Be Extra Cautious When Making A Left Hand Turn
Making a left-hand turn while in a car can be dangerous enough sometimes, and when on a motorcycle, the risk is even higher. In fact, these types of collisions make up 42% of all motorcycle accidents on the road. These sorts of collisions cover two situations: when a turning car hits a motorcyclist going straight through the intersection, or when a motorcyclist tries to pass a car within the same lane. When on a motorcycle, you are automatically more vulnerable as you're less visible to other cars. To avoid getting into a collision due to a left-hand turn lane, make sure you have clear visibility of your surroundings. If you are unsure if there is a car coming, it's better to slow down until you are able to get a better look, rather than to speed up and hope for the best. Your life is not worth the small amount of time you would save.
3: Follow The Rules Of The Highway
The highway always raises your chance of getting into an accident due to the increased speed limit and the greater difficulty of changing lanes. According to the NHTSA (National highway traffic safety administration), "you are 37 times more likely to die in a motorcycle accident than a car accident, and 9 times more likely to become injured". It's always tempting to cut loose on the highway, whether you are riding a motorcycle or not, but resist the temptation. Again, your life is worth more than a few minutes of excitement, and high-speed collisions on a motorcycle are deadly.
Although accidents are sometimes unavoidable, we hope you take our advice into account the next time you are on the road. Motorcycle accidents are extremely serious and most often deadly, so don't let yourself be involved in one. In the midst of the holidays we know people often tend to drive faster or for longer distances, and we want you to be as safe as possible. If for some reason you or a loved one is involved in a motorcycle accident, please let us help you. Here at Grabb & Durando we specialize in personal injury cases and have the knowledge and skills you need. Never forget you are not alone. Call 520.222.2222 today.