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Times when accidents are most likely to occur

In our modern world, the most common form of transportation is by automobile. As a result, our roads tend to be fairly crowded. The likelihood that you will find yourself in an auto accident at some point in your life is high. That said, if you are able to keep in mind the times when the roads are the most congested, you can diminish the chances of finding yourself involved in an accident by being extra alert during those times. From early morning traffic jams to nighttime highway driving, knowing and understanding traffic patterns can help make informed decisions, especially when it comes your safety on the road. Here are some time-frames to consider as you head out on the road:
Night Driving
There are a couple of types of drivers to be cautious of when you find yourself on the road late at night. The first is the tired driver. There could be any number of reasons for them to be on the road past their bedtimes, but all that matters to you is the fact that they are somewhat impaired due to their drowsiness.

Another potential type of late driver is the partygoer. He/she could potentially be driving under the influence of some sort of mind-altering substance. These drivers tend to drift, brake erratically, and drive on the wrong lane. In addition, these drivers are primarily going to point A to point B, with the intention of enjoying the nightlife. When placing safety in the mix, these types of drivers usually do not tend to focus on the latter while on route to their place of enjoyment.

When you are driving late at night, be especially cautious of the cars around you. The most important advice is to be alert. If you want to be extra careful, try to avoid the areas of town with heavy nightlife activity, but sometimes it can't be helped, so the best thing to do is to be defensive around other cars at night.
Holiday Driving
During the Holidays, the roads are especially crowded with people making their way across the country to visit their friends and family. These holiday travelers tend to be less familiar with the local roads, this can lead to being distracted as they drive. Extra vigilance is necessary on your part to avoid the sometimes erratic behavior of these distracted drivers. It is often unavoidable to be involved in the holiday rush, so when you find yourself out there, stay alert, and make sure you know where you're going before you set out.

Some areas of the country are heavily traveled by college students during their time off, at holidays such as Spring Break or Summer. If you live or are traveling in those areas during these peak times, be sure to be extra careful of increased traffic and potentially impaired drivers.
The best way to combat the dangers of the road is to be a defensive driver. While you should be especially careful at night and during the holidays, stay alert at all times. Understanding what factors and variables are in your path, can be the difference in staying safe. If you should find yourself involved in an accident, make sure you call 520.222.2222 or 520.333.3333. We are here to fight for you so you can get the money you deserve. Here at Grabb & Durando we specialize in personal injury cases and have the knowledge and skills you need. It is important to never forget that you are not alone. Contact us today for more information, or email us at

Safe travels!