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Top 3 Types of Wrongful Deaths

Have you lost a loved one unexpectedly?

Death is always a devastating time, especially when you don't see it coming. Losing a loved one is an emotionally overwhelming circumstance, but sometimes accidents are inevitable. Unfortunately, those we love don't always pass away from what we all hope would be old age. Illness, injury, or drug abuse are some ways people pass on that we would never wish upon the ones we love. However, sometimes people are dealt an unlucky hand in life and fall victim to a tragedy in an instant. A medical professional's incorrect decision, a speeding driver who's late for work, or even those who are utterly unaware of their surroundings can pose a severe threat to innocent people. Too often, people's lives are the cost of careless mistakes. Here are some of the most common types of wrongful deaths that occur:

Pedestrian Accidents:
If you live in a small town or happen to have the conveniences of big cities close to your home, walking from place to place is a great convenience. You do not walk on the street alone however, and the amount of distractions drivers can face are plenty, battling things like the direction of the sun, any passengers in the vehicle, and of course the cell phone. With countless distractions bombarding drivers all at once, every once in a while, an innocent person will pay the price. In some scenarios, drivers could be unfamiliar with an area and carelessly drive while staring at their GPS, posing as a risk on the streets. If being ill-informed about their surroundings isn't risky enough, there's also the possibility a driver has had a few drinks, they have poor eyesight, or even just a radio that's too loud. Distractions like those are often significant threats to children who don't understand the potential danger of being involved in vehicle accidents. Many children tend to play on the streets in their residential neighborhoods or loiter around schools. When the handling of a vehicle is failed for any reason, the risk of danger follows close behind.

Car Accidents:
Car accidents are often avoidable, but with the many distractions on the roads and all the factors that can make the streets a hazardous place, car accidents are just another common thing that everyone never expects. The road, much like life, is full of decisions. We choose to turn the ignition, we dictate our speed, we decide to turn on the radio, and we choose to follow road signs. We essentially get to decide for ourselves, not only how safely we drive, but also how safe we make the roads. Whatever the case may be, whether it's road rage or highway hypnosis, many accidents are the result of one decision leading to an innocent being rushed to the hospital. Transportation regulations are set in place to keep the public safe, so why choose anything that will risk you or a stranger not making it home at the end of the day?

Medical Malpractice:
Most people rely on the recommendations of healthcare professionals. However, sometimes the opinions of medical providers aren't always the best for every patient. Accidents happen, but the last place you'd expect it is when your health is on the line. Misdiagnosis occurs when a health professional fails to properly diagnosis ailments and treatments causing a patient harm or death. Anything from surgical mistakes to incorrect treatment plans is disastrous and can very well end in death. Doing things correctly the first time is vital in a medical setting, especially when it takes years of education and training to make sure medical standards are upheld and carried out with the proper order.

If someone you know has fallen victim to wrongful death, we are here to help. At Grabb and Durando, we understand the sensitivity and emotional weight of a loved one passing away. You deserve justice and peace of mind. We are here to fight for you. Here at Grabb & Durando we specialize in personal injury cases and have the knowledge and experience you need. It is important never to forget that you are not alone.
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