Slip and Fall

Falls are consistently one of the leading causes of accidents that result in injury. They account for more than 1 million injuries each year in the United States and can be especially dangerous for children and the elderly. When you first hear of a slip and fall accident, they may not sound that serious, but they can lead to devastating consequences. Whether it was a spill that was not cleaned up, an icy surface, or a poorly-maintained stairwell, a fall can cause serious injury and even death. Head injuries, brain damage, broken bones, spinal cord injuries, and more could lead to a lifetime of complications and disabilities, all from a simple slip that could have been easily avoided if the owner of the property had taken the necessary steps to prevent such an incident.

Each slip and fall case is different just as each victim is different. Whatever your situation, you could be entitled to compensation if you were injured on someone else's property. When walking in a public place, we have the right to be advised of any hazards we are likely to encounter. If the hazard has been knowingly or carelessly disguised or ignored, the property owner may be at fault.
There Are Generally Four Different Types of Personal Injury Slip and Fall Accidents:
  • 1) SLIP AND FALL: The individual may lose traction, slip on the walking surface, and fall.
  • 2) STUMP AND FALL: The individual may stumble over an obstruction on the walkway or surface and fall.
  • 3) STEP AND FALL: The individual may lose his/her balance and fall due to a hole in the walkway or surface, or some type of unexpected defect.
  • 4) TRIP AND FALL: An individual may trip over a foreign object and fall.

Regardless of the type of slip and fall accident, if the property owner did not exercise reasonable care, acted negligently, or had constructive notice(meaning that even if the owner was not actually aware of the hazard, he/she SHOULD have had knowledge of the unsafe condition that caused the accident, and they in such case could be held liable for the accident and injury), Public property owners are supposed to do their part to keep the public safe, especially for those who are trying to enjoy the space but may not be very stable due to old age or an injury/disability. While falls are more commonly seen as an issue for the elderly population, there has been plenty of healthy, steady adults who have simply not noticed a defect in a sidewalk or an icy area in a parking lot that have suffered injuries of all sorts from falls.

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