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The Dangers of Riding a Motorcycle

Riding a motorcycle can be a fantastic experience, and many people find it incredibly thrilling. However, it is undeniable that riding a motorcycle comes with many more risks than driving a car. Motorcycle riders must balance the enjoyment that comes with riding their motorbike with the risks of a potential motorcycle accident. Wearing a helmet and other protective gear, as well as practicing defensive driving, can reduce the risks of a serious motorcycle crash. However, some dangers will always be present. Here are some of the most common dangers:
1. Other Drivers
Even if you are a perfect motorcycle rider and take all possible safety precautions, other drivers still pose a threat. In particular, those driving cars may not see motorcyclists, or might not be informed on how to drive safely around them.

Studies show that in two out of three motorcycle accidents, the fault was with another vehicle whose driver ignored a motorcyclist's right of way. You can't account for how other drivers will react, and an error on their part could cause an injury for you.
2. Road Hazards
There are many potential hazards on the road, ranging from potholes to debris from a truck or other vehicle. For cars, these tend to be a more minor inconvenience, as going over a pothole is rarely dangerous for a fully-protected vehicle.

However, a motorcycle is more open, and riding over a pothole or into debris can have serious consequences. Even the most advanced motorcycle model does not have the contact with the road and the external protection that comes with driving a car.
3. Weather Conditions
Much like road hazards, difficult weather conditions affect motorcyclists more severely than they affect those in a passenger car. Even with proper protective gear, your vision may be impaired by rain or snow. If it is a windy day, you may find it difficult to stay in your lane.

Rain can also make roads slicker and more difficult to safely navigate. Since bad weather also impacts those in cars, a motorcycle crash may occur if another driver is distracted by rain or wind. The dangers of writing a motorcycle can build off of each other in this way.
4. Skill Level
Avoiding a motorcycle accident requires constant awareness of your surroundings, even more than it takes to avoid a car crash. Driving a motorbike requires extreme control of your body to stay on track.

Even taking a safety course is not enough to stay protected. It is important to continuously hone your skills to stay safe. It is also important that every time you go out on a motorcycle, you keep safety in mind.
5. Lack of External Protection
Unlike cars, motorcycles don't have external protection. If you are in a motorcycle crash, you are more likely to be severely injured or die than you would be in a car. Even helmets and other gear don't provide the protection a car can offer.

This is also why road hazards and weather have a greater impact. You are simply not as sheltered on a motorcycle. Ultimately, this is one of the main reasons accidents are too often fatal for motorcyclists.
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