Tips For Documenting Personal Injury Expenses

Car Accident Personal Injury Cases Car accidents can be very traumatic experiences and may result in personal injury. Medical bills related to these injuries can be costly. Knowing how car insurance can help cover these costs can save you from having to pay high medical bills. In order to help ensure that your car insurance claim goes through, you need to provide as much relevant documentation as possible to your insurer. This facilitates a smooth … Continue reading “Tips For Documenting Personal Injury Expenses”

Tucson Police Implement New Policy on Property-Damage-Only Auto Accidents

In December of 2010, the Tucson Police Department implemented a new policy in which they will no longer respond to property-damage-only auto accidents. This new policy specifically states that an officer will only respond to an accident if: 1. A person is injured; 2. One of the drivers is impaired; or 3. The accident is blocking the road. This change can complicate issues if you have been in a car accident in Tucson for several … Continue reading “Tucson Police Implement New Policy on Property-Damage-Only Auto Accidents”

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