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Risks: The Most Dangerous Intersections In Tucson

Dangerous Intersections in Tucson

In January, the Tucson Police department increased its presence at some of the most dangerous intersections in the city that have a high car accident risk. These intersections were: Kino & 36th Street, Oracle & Grant, Grant & Alvernon, and Broadway Blvd & Wilmot Road. After multiple deaths last year in the area of Grant Road and Alvernon Way, officers will focus on the most dangerous intersections on various days and times until September.

History of Tucson Car Accident Laws

Back in 2015, the residents of Tucson voted against the operation of red light cameras around the city. The city shut down the cameras the day after the election. However, they remain at the major busy intersections. After the cameras were turned off, red-light running on Speedway at North Kolb Road skyrocketed 818 percent to 1,497. In addition, speeding shot up 730 percent on southbound Craycroft Road at East Broadway. However, this was not the case for collisions at intersections. After the cameras were shut off Tucson Police Department found that collisions at all intersections either stayed the same or decreased. It is unclear whether the red light cameras are effective due to the conflicting data. Although it is still evident that car accidents are a problem in the city.

In May, the police department will shift their focus on to Speedway & Campbell, Golf Links & Swan, Speedway & Kolb, and Campbell & Valencia. The AAA recently released its list of the most dangerous intersections in Tucson, based on the number of collisions over three years, this may have provoked the grant commissioned by the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety for the placement of this scheme.

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