An estimated 20% of all reported vehicle accidents occur in a parking lot. During busy times like the holidays, parking lots at malls and supermarkets are packed with shoppers, further increasing that percentage. Although they are most likely to occur at low speeds, these crashes are similar to other vehicle accidents and can still result in injuries. In this blog, you will learn fault is determined in parking lot car accidents and what to do following them.

Determining Fault in Common Types of Parking Lot Car Accidents 

Who is at fault in a parking lot car accident is often determined based on what type of collision occurred. 

Four of the most common types of collisions in a parking lot are:

  • A moving driver hits a legally parked car. This scenario is the most frequent type of parking lot accident. In most situations, hitting a stationary vehicle that is parked legally means you are 100% at fault. You are also at fault if you open your car door and hit the door of another parked car.
  • Two vehicles collide while pulling out of their parking spaces. With this type of collision, both drivers generally share the fault 50/50. Both people involved are accountable for this accident because they are both responsible for their movement, and neither has the right of way.
  • Two vehicles collide while competing for a parking space. Both drivers will have some level of fault in this occurrence as they were both moving, but it may not fall evenly. Determining fault depends on a few different factors. These factors include which driver had the right of way, impact points on the vehicles, which direction each driver was turning, and where in the parking spot the collision happened. 
  • A car hits a moving vehicle while pulling out of a parking space. The fault typically falls on the driver leaving their parking space in this situation. When backing out, you must yield to all oncoming traffic, as they have the right of way.

What To Do in Different Parking Lot Car Accident Situations 

You Hit Another Car in a Parking Lot

If you hit someone’s car in a parking lot, do not drive away from the scene of the accident, as you could be punished with hit-and-run charges. Instead, you should wait for the owner to return if they are not around or leave a note with your contact information. Once you reach the other person, exchange information with them, as well as contact your auto insurance provider

Someone Hits Your Car in a Parking Lot

If you are the victim of a car accident in a parking lot, it is important to gather evidence. You can do so by taking photos of the vehicle damage or contacting the parking lot’s owner to inquire about the availability of security camera footage. Then, contact your car insurance company to fill them in on what happened.

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